“The management of our health care system is so inefficient that we not only fail to put patients in the hands of those professionals most qualified to give the best treatment, we actually ensure that the most expensive and least qualified person provides the care. . . . the structure of health management in Canada makes the squandering of billions unavoidable.”

Pran Manga, Ph.D., M.Phil.

A very strong statement from a man at the centre of health policy in Canada. Unfortunately, his statement is not only accurate, but entirely ignored.

If this statement piques your curiosity, makes you scoff, or gets you angry, there is a book you need to read. Squandering Billions is a hard and honest look at health spending and health care policies that have resulted in the “crisis” in our health care system that we read about everyday.

As a Comox Valley Chiropractor, I consistently see the effects of these policies and practices on my patients. I highly recommend to everyone that you read this book!