Pelvic Pregnancy Pain

Pelvic Pregnancy Pain

Pelvic pain is one of the most common conditions to accompany pregnancy. This problem can range from some soreness in the hips and back to debilitating pain which prevents someone from standing or walking for any length of time.

In pregnancy, your body will produce a hormone called “relaxin” which loosens your ligaments and makes your joints less stable. This is done in order to ensure that the baby can pass through the pelvis easily.

This decrease in stability of the pelvis and hips can lead to stresses on the joints that cause pain and disability. This is especially likely when your belly begins to grow and your posture changes. Having an unstable pelvis makes you less able to deal with these changes.

Pelvic pain can begin anywhere from 8-12 weeks and last until delivery. Depending on the nature, location and severity of the problem, chiropractic can be an effective solution for this condition. Muscle work, taping, and adjustments to the restricted joints of the spine (NOT the loose ones) can help to take pressure off the pelvis and reduce pain.

Another option which is highly recommended is a trochanteric belt.  This belt helps to stabilize the pelvis and relieve the symptoms. An example of a trochanteric belt can be found here, and you can find them in your local sports medicine/rehabilitation supply store.

Pelvic pain may linger after delivery, and its important to continue treatment until the symptoms subside. In addition, you should be given home exercises which will help during and after pregnancy, and will help to restore stability after your delivery.

Dr. Debbie Wright is a practicing Comox Valley Chiropractor.