Just a quick post today after experiencing something in my office that drives me nuts – Cell Phones.

I’ve never been a huge fan of big signs asking you to turn off cell phones, I think they are tacky and usually I don’t have to ask anyone twice to turn off their phone. Most times, people are very apologetic if a cell phone accidentally goes off during a treatment.

In reality, I’m not bothered at all if the occasional cell phone rings. What drives me nuts is when people actually get up off the table to pick it up.

In my chiropractic practice, I work mainly out of one room. Each person has their allotted time and usually I am not running in and out. Unless its an absolute emergency, I never leave the room to take a phone call or speak to someone. My patients expect me to be fully present for their appointment, and I expect the same thing.

Is this unreasonable? Does anyone else have any experience with this, or more effective ways of putting a stop to it other than mentioning that its not appreciated?

Okay, rant over!